EU Medal Tracker for the 2018 Olympics

European Union: Results of Pyeongchang

The European Union in Olympics comparison

No  NationGoldSilverBronzeTotal
1    European Union493847134
2    Norway14141139
3    Canada1181029
4    United States98623
5    South Korea58417
6    Switzerland56415
7    Japan45413
8    Olympic Athlete from Russia 26917
9    China1629
10    Belarus1102
11    Ukraine1001
12    Australia0213
13    New Zealand0022
14    Kazakhstan0011
15    Liechtenstein0011

Europe: The entire continent compared with other continents

No  ContinentGoldSilverBronzeTotal
1  Europe736572210
2  America20161652
3  Asia10191140
4  Australia0213
5  Africa0000

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Olympic Gold

EU Medal Tracker

How many medals could the EU win if it took part in the Olympic Games as one team? We count and compare. Further Information: This is how the EU medal tracker is generated.